Opening a US bank account

Do you need to open a US Bank Account?

Whilst you don’t have to have a bank account in order to own a property or have other investments in the US, it is advisable to do so as it enables you to receive and make payments with relative ease.

Opening a bank account in the USA is relatively straight-forward, particularly if you are physically present at the bank’s office.

In most cases, all that is required is proof of who you are, and a small amount of US currency to deposit in the account. The proof required is typically a valid and current passport from your country of origin, and a utility bill from your home in the country you reside (such as an electricity bill or a bank statement from your regular bank).

If you are not intending to reside full time in the US, it is advisable to select an account that gives you on-line access so that you can manage your account from overseas. The US banking system differs from overseas banking systems in a few ways, so it is a good idea to request the bank to give you full details of how to wire funds to the account (ABA routing number etc) to make things easier.

If you want to open a bank account, but are not going to be visiting the US in order to open one, it is still possible to do so. Although, not all banks offer this facility. We will be able to assist in locating a suitable bank that will open an account without you being present.