Vacation Rental Reviews: They Make a Difference

5 Star Vacation Rental Reviews ImageIf you’ve seen the movie “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”, you might understand the importance of knowing a little something about exactly where you’ll be staying on holiday. The Griswold family booked a trip, and they were expecting a posh, luxurious four-star hotel, but discovered upon arrival that it was actually a bit of a roach motel. Talk about disappointment. Now, we may be talking about vacation homes instead of hotels, but across the travel industry, the same principle applies.

Today, booking a vacation is much more of a “sure thing” than it was in the past. Renters enjoy access to a wealth of information about potential accommodations, from photos and amenity listings right down to reviews from people who have actually stayed there. In fact, 9 out of every 10 travelers admit that their booking decisions are directly influenced by online reviews. The number of reviews on a given property as well as the sentiment of those reviews often directly correlates with property views and booking rates. In English: the more vacation rental reviews (and more positive reviews) you have on your vacation home, the greater your potential for bookings and income will be.

Property management companies like VillaDirect take steps to encourage renters to leave honest reviews about their stay, but it’s also important for homeowners to take the initiative in ensuring that their home is receiving the best possible reviews. Encouraging family, friends and others that you have booked to stay in your vacation home to leave honest vacation rental reviews on sites like Yelp and HomeAway can pay big dividends and put more money in your pocket.

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