5 Biggest Mistakes New Vacation Rental Owners Make

Purchasing a rental property is a significant investment and can be the start of a scary but rewarding adventure for many. We have spoken with thousands of vacation rental owners across the United States and across the globe, and we've noticed several common themes and … [Read more...]

Why Property Management is Important for Your Vacation Home

So you’ve made the decision to purchase a vacation home. Owning a vacation home sounds glamorous, and many times, it can be a fantastic long term investment and the perfect family getaway. That said, it does come with its own set of responsibilities, and if you don’t live … [Read more...]

When to Sell Your Home

  Are you thinking of placing your home on the market? You're probably wondering when to sell your home to generate the most interest in your property. Spring is traditionally considered the best time to list a home, but it doesn’t beat out other seasons by … [Read more...]

Americans Passion for Vacation Homes

Vacation homes have been around as far back as recorded time.  Ok maybe the first "holiday" homes weren’t quite the vacation homes we’ve come to know today, and maybe they were once reserved for the rich and famous, but not anymore. In 1960 the Census Bureau began … [Read more...]

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