Vacation Rental Reviews: They Make a Difference

If you’ve seen the movie “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”, you might understand the importance of knowing a little something about exactly where you’ll be staying on holiday. The Griswold family booked a trip, and they were expecting a posh, luxurious four-star hotel, … [Read more...]

How to Increase Vacation Rental Bookings

Orlando is the world’s number one family travel destination, with over 60 million visitors each year. That means plenty of opportunity for vacation rental owners, but also plenty of completion. These straightforward tips can help you increase vacation rental bookings, boost … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Buying a Vacation Rental

  1. Buy what you can afford. The first of our tips for buying a vacation rental, figuring out what you can afford is simpler than it sounds. The web is packed with easy to use mortgage calculators to help you figure it out. All that’s needed is your income and … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Buying an Orlando Vacation Home

  Vacation home sales in Orlando are on the rise, and many investors are starting to realize that the right home can be a sound, safe investment. We’ve put together a few tips for buying an Orlando vacation home that will help you along during the buying process as your … [Read more...]

Vacation Home Renovations: Getting the Most for Your Money

When you’re a vacation homeowner, it’s a good idea to consider small vacation home renovations to tweak your home and get the most for your money. These renovations can add value to your property, attracting potential buyers if you’re selling  and making the property more … [Read more...]

Things to Consider Before You Buy an Orlando Vacation Home

These days, people buy vacation homes for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re wanting a second home to enjoy during the summer, you’re thinking of retiring somewhere sunny or you’re hoping to take advantage of rental income opportunities in high-tourism areas like Orlando, … [Read more...]

Decorating a Vacation Home

Furnishing for successful vacation rentals Furnishing a vacation rental property is different from furnishing a home. You should consider your property as the equivalent of a hotel room - so you need to utilize furniture and decor items that will best stand up to the wear … [Read more...]

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